TSE and the National Museum of Natural History sign a concrete agreement in favor of biodiversity

TSE and the National Museum of Natural History sign a concrete agreement in favor of biodiversity

TSE, a photovoltaic and agrivoltaics operator committed to the energy transition and the reconquest of biodiversity, is pleased to announce the signing of a research and expertise collaboration agreement with the National Museum of Natural History.

This first agreement, lasting three years, aims to strengthen the consideration of biodiversity in the company's actions, across the entire business chain, while contributing to the collection of scientific data. It has three areas of collaboration:

  • The provision of additional scientific and naturalistic information for the land selection of future projects and the creation of a decision support tool ;
  • Measuring the impact of photovoltaic power plants with the aim of rollback, both in their design phase and in the applicable ecological management arrangements;
  • La sensitization And the training teams.

The work will be led by the company's biodiversity department and the Unit-Patrinat pour le Muséum, within technical committees and steering committees.

TSE is a committed player in the environment and in the fight against global warming. This desire is the basis of its creation, its action and its corporate culture. For Mathieu Debonnet, president of TSE: “we have made biodiversity a key point in the development of our projects. The company is delighted with this partnership with a major scientific player in biodiversity, which will allow it to further strengthen its ecological ambition ”.

For Yannick Giloux, Biodiversity Director at TSE, “This is a collaboration that, through scientific data and new indicators, will allow us to achieve our double objective of developing photovoltaics and the preservation of the biodiversity ”.

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