Our commitment to biodiversity

Recognizing the challenges surrounding the environment in the development of renewable energy, we take into account biodiversity and the landscape in all our activities, in all our projects and in all territories.

Our Biodiversity approach

Our commitments in favor of biodiversity are part of a virtuous approach, making it possible to reconcile renewable energy and the reconquest of biodiversity.

  • Mobilize and engage all our employees around the preservation of biodiversity
  • Establishing partnerships with recognized biodiversity actors
  • Conduct in-depth and exemplary ecological studies to control the challenges of the territory
  • Develop ambitious solutions that promote the reconquest of biodiversity
  • Implement ecological measures adapted to the local context
  • Plan and monitor our biodiversity actions throughout the life of the projects
  • Conduct the environmental assessment of our power plants every year

Our landscape approach

Our landscape approach tries to best integrate our photovoltaic power plants within their territory.

Indeed, our approach begins with in-depth preliminary studies in order to better understand territorial issues.

This analysis leads to recommendations in order to propose a design that is more consistent with the characteristics of the landscape.

Démarche paysagère TSE