Solar fallow

Thanks to rotating shade, solar fallow protects fallow land, which is more strongly affected by climatic hazards and contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity on the plot.

The key points of the solution

Partial and rotating shading meeting the ecological needs of natural species and limiting their water stress.

Low ground footprint and spaced location leaving more space for ecological management and the development of biodiversity, thanks to the tracker solution.

Limited impacts on the ground with driven pile foundations and a well-thought-out construction process for limit the impact on surfaces and existing biodiversity.

Compatibility with agricultural machinery to circulate on the plot.

Solution fully reversible at the end of the project.

Solution that also guarantees a long-term income to the operator and owner of the land.

Les agronomic benefits partial and rotating shading

Contributes to the reduction of temperatures on the plot in summer
Limiting evapo-perspiration and water stress
Meets the ecological needs of plant species and limits modification of their composition
Contributes to the creation of vegetable and organic materials
Participates in maintaining biodiversity

Layouts in favor of The environment

Biodiversity is included in TSE's values. As such, we propose to the operator the establishment of environmental arrangements such as the planting of hedges or the seeding of plant species known to enrich the soil.

These arrangements will allow the operator to strengthen its environmental commitment.

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Questions ?

How are the structures fixed? Is there concrete?

We prefer piled foundations to support our solar panel tables. The metal stakes are driven directly into the ground to the required depth, without the use of concrete.

Is there a fence around the plot?

For insurance reasons, fixed fencing is mandatory. They are positioned around the plot hosting the agrivoltaic solution.

Does this solution take into account the biodiversity present on fallow land?

We chose the technical solution of the tracker for its small footprint, which minimizes the impact of the structure on the plot. Spaced location gives way to the development of fauna and flora and contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity.