TSE commits

TSE is committed to the heart of territories by actively collaborating with local actors to develop sustainable and beneficial energy solutions for all.

Innovation at TSE

At TSE, we have placed innovation at the heart of our strategy in order to create ever more efficient solar power plants at ever lower costs.

Our vision of Agrivoltaics

We work hand in hand with the agricultural world to define solutions that meet the needs of farmers, their farming habits and practices.

Our involvement in favor of the biodiversity

Recognizing the challenges surrounding the environment in the development of renewable energy, we take into account biodiversity and the landscape in all our activities, in all our projects and in all territories.

Our CSR strategy

In 2024, TSE is launching its CSR approach: measuring our carbon footprint, dual materiality analysis, eligibility and taxonomic alignment will guide our future actions in terms of sustainable development, transparency and corporate governance.

This strategy, together with an ambitious action plan, will make it possible to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the environment in the broadest sense, to propose ethical and sustainable photovoltaic projects, to strengthen the image, meaning and values of the company and to offer a healthy and safe working environment for our employees.

Our quality commitment

In accordance with a competitive framework, TSE intends to establish lasting partnership relationships with its suppliers and subcontractors.

Our objective is to define and build the solar installations of tomorrow, by providing the best levels of services and technical solutions. From the consultation phase, TSE is committed to maintaining loyal, equitable, objective and mutually respectful relationships with all its suppliers, subcontractors and partners. TSE protects the image of its suppliers and their confidential data as if they were its own.