Our solutions for manufacturers and communities

Our ambition is to meet the challenge of energy and ecological transition for our customers. We make the most of your land to enable you to secure a long-term, local, carbon-free supply at a competitive price.

The profits

Value your land
Benefit from long-term rent or sell your property
Boost your image by becoming an actor in the energy transition

The production of green energy on your land (abandoned, parking, parking, roofs, agricultural plots, etc.) is an opportunity to valorize these areas.

Valorization of land

TSE helps you to secure a competitive and stable energy price over time through the production of green and local energy.

Securing your energy supply and costs

Sécurisation de votre approvisionnement et de vos couts énergétiques

We invest in the takeover of assets and enhance these industrial properties by producing green energy with other major renewable energy players to create renewable and sustainable energy loops.

Revitalization of industrial wastelands

Steps of your project

Land identification

A few weeks

Project development

6 to 24 months

Engineering and R&D

Throughout the project

Financing, valuation & sale

Throughout the project


6 months minimum


12 to 36 months

Operation & maintenance

Throughout the project

Our completions

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Let's talk about your project

why Choose us


Independent French company, with 12 years of experience in solar


A photovoltaic expert


270 employees spread locally on French territory


Experience in the implementation of major industrial projects requiring depollution and dismantling


Connection expertise (HTA, HTB, 225kV own substation)


Know-how in financing industrial projects (PPAs, Third-party investments, subsidies, etc.)

Questions ?

Why buy green energy?

Solar energy, qualified as green energy because it is not derived from fossil fuels, produces electricity that emits fewer greenhouse gases, remains at a stable price and secures a sustainable energy supply.

How do we integrate photovoltaics into a low-carbon energy mix?

After an analysis of your land and your energy needs, TSE will establish scenarios for self-consumption or green energy purchases that can be integrated into your planned energy mix and in line with your ambitions.