TSE raises 130 million euros to strengthen its position as a major player in the energy transition in France

TSE raises 130 million euros to strengthen its position as a major player in the energy transition in France

TSE, a French energy company in the solar sector, announces the closing of a €130 million fund raising from three major players in the energy transition: Eurazeo, which is leading this round, Bpifrance and a pool of investors from the Crédit Agricole group, represented in particular by IDIA Capital Investissement and Amundi

The main objectives of this operation are to support the company's strong growth in the development of solar photovoltaic and agrivoltaic projects while strengthening the identity of the company. In addition, it will allow the company to continue its development in the fields ofagrivoltaics and R&D, in particular in order to facilitate the deployment of new innovations. It will also support its strategy of partnerships with major players in the agricultural world (in particular with the BFC Alliance) to intensify its development.

Created in 2016, TSE is one of the main independent players in solar energy in France. A developer of solar power plants and agrivoltaic solutions, TSE is positioned across the entire value chain: design, financing, construction, supervision and operational management in order to transform solar energy into electricity. An expert in photovoltaics, the company is one of the leaders in French agrivoltaics. To date, the company has a portfolio of 1.6 GW of projects at various stages of development. In addition, TSE has commissioned the Marville power plant, the second largest photovoltaic park in France, and is also recognized for its innovative agricultural canopy solution.

The association of Eurazeo via its Eurazeo Transition Infrastructure Fund, of Bpifrance via its Large ETI 2020 fund and its fund dedicated to energy transition and environmental, and from the Crédit Agricole Group's pool of investors, is particularly relevant for the company, which will be able to rely on the synergy of their expertise in order to confirm its profile as a fast-growing company, rooted in the territories, close to the agricultural world, close to the agricultural world and resolutely focused on innovation.

TSE aims to develop 10 GW of solar projects within 10 years in France and to confirm its position as an independent solar leader on the French market. These new resources will be invested only for and on the national market thanks to its eight agencies spread across the country.

For Mathieu Debonnet and Pierre Yves Lambert, co-directors of TSE, “We are delighted to welcome Eurazeo, Bpifrance and Crédit Agricole to our capital, in order to enable us to accelerate our growth. It is also a source of pride and a demonstration of the solidity of our economic model, our products, our innovations and our know-how in the solar field. We will continue to develop according to our model based on quality, the long term, territorial commitment to the agricultural world and manufacturers, without forgetting our attention to the environment, which is part of our corporate culture. More than ever, we will actively participate in decarbonization and strengthen the resilience of our economy. We thank the investors for their confidence in the TSE project.”

Mathieu Debonnet, Pierre-Yves Lambert and the entire TSE team are happy to welcome their new shareholders and thank Astris Finance, Jeantet and all the advice for the quality of their work.

Melissa Cohen, Managing Director — Infrastructure at Eurazeo, adds: “We are delighted with this partnership with TSE, a photovoltaic energy producer with a range of products that adapt to any type of terrain, whose fundraising will provide the necessary resources for their ambitions. We are happy to be able to participate in this entrepreneurial adventure by supporting them in particular in the development of their innovative agrivoltaics solutions. TSE's positioning is fully in line with Eurazeo's commitment to the energy transition.”

Karine Lenglart, Investment Director of the Large ETI 2020 fund, and Samia Ben Jemaa, Investment Director of the fund dedicated to energy and environmental transition at Bpifrance, complete : “As a climate bank, Bpifrance is delighted to be able to support the TSE group, an independent photovoltaic player and a pioneer in agrivoltaics in France, in a key stage of its development. The innovative solutions developed by TSE in the photovoltaic field, and more particularly for agricultural land, are an additional relay towards the decarbonization of the French energy mix.”

Antoine Paris, Investment Director in charge of the energy transition at IDIA Capital Investissement (Crédit Agricole group): “We are very happy to partner with TSE and to participate in its project as a company committed to contributing to a low-carbon economy in the heart of the territories. Our support for TSE in its development and its projects carried out in partnership with the agricultural world perfectly illustrates the action of the Crédit Agricole group as an accelerator of societal transitions and in particular of the energy transition.”



  • Eurazeo: Melissa Cohen, Alexis Ludwig, Sébastien Ouvry
  • Bpifrance: Large Cap: Karine Lenglart, Maxime Dolfi, Hadrien Renard, Pierre-Yves Denez. Fund dedicated to energy and environmental transition: Samia Ben Jemaa
  • IDIA Capital Investment: Antoine Paris, Arnaud Hallopé, Faora Narayanan
  • AMUNDI TE: Clement Martin, Malek Guermit, Charles Errera
  • SOFIPACA: Florence Cordier
  • North East Expansion: Gaëtan Dales
  • SOFILARO: Fabien Mansalier
  • Crédit Agricole Aquitaine Energy Production: Mathieu Goddefroy
  • Pyrénées Gascogne Development: Denis Vilarinho, Jean-Michel Mindeguia

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