Livestock shade

For grassland farming, we have developed a shade system that allows the mitigation of the effects of climate change on the meadow and on livestock through rotating shading.

The key points Of the solution

Compatibility with cattle, sheep and goats, in the context of a rotating pasture

Low footprint minimizing the impact on the meadow and maximizing the space allocated to livestock

Animal safety with a minimum height under comfortable panels, adapted to the type of breeding

Animal protection under the panels in case of climatic hazards

Dynamic panels generating partial shading and turning on The entire surface of the meadow

Compatibility with agricultural machinery: up to 15 meters of passage

Optimized panel positioning to facilitate agricultural interventions

Solution that guarantees a long-term income for the operator and to the owner of the land

The profits

Lower temperatures on the plot and protection against excessive light in summer
Limiting evapo-perspiration, water stress and saving water
Reduced risk of spring frost
Improvement of animal welfare through shading and shelter in case of bad weather
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Questions ?

How are the structures fixed? Is there concrete?

We prefer piled foundations to support our solar panel tables. The metal stakes are driven directly into the ground to the required depth, without the use of concrete.

What happens in the event of a collision with the posts or panels during an intervention?

TSE and the operator undertake to take out and maintain damage insurance of their choice including a clause for the waiver of reciprocal recourse. In concrete terms, if the operator damages the structure during one of his interventions, TSE insurance will take care of the repairs.

Is the breeding shade compatible with all types of farming?

The breeding shade is suitable for sheep, goat and cattle farms in the context of a rotating pasture.

Are there risks associated with electric and electromagnetic fields for animals?

Many sheep farms are already located on land equipped with ground power plants and no negative impact has been observed on the livestock. Studies on the effects of exposing animals to electromagnetic fields have been carried out and no proven effects have been proven. Our pilot projects in breeding will aim to characterize the impact of electromagnetic fields on cattle and sheep.

Will there be noise under the shades?

Agrivoltaic installations emit light noises continuously equivalent to the sound level of a conversation, far from the noise of roads, airports or even metal noises in livestock buildings to which animals are used to.