The solar power plant

An independent French producer of renewable energy, we design projects for solar photovoltaic power plants on the ground, on degraded land.

The profits

Value your land
Benefit from long-term rent or sell your property
Boost your image by becoming an actor in the energy transition
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Les steps of your project

Land identification

A few weeks

Project development

6 to 24 months

Engineering and R&D

Throughout the project

Financing, valuation & sale

Throughout the project


6 months minimum


12 to 36 months

Operation & maintenance

Throughout the project
Numerous actions in favor of biodiversity have been carried out in the field: Asbestos removal, Limitation of invasive species, Deartificialization of soils, Demining of the land, Restoration of a mosaic of grasslands etc. TSE has also delegated the management of grass areas to a local sheep farmer.
Yannick Giloux, CSR and Biodiversity Director at TSE
Everything was respected and the roads were not damaged, there were no complaints despite the size of the site. The power plant was supposed to be commissioned in June, and we even saved a month.
Stéphane Dieusart, Mayor of Oxelaëre

why Choose us


French and independent photovoltaic expert since 2016


More than 270 employees spread as close as possible to territories all over France


2.5 GWc under development in France. Objective of 5 GWp by 2025


Participation dans la Gigafactory de Sarreguemines


Expérience dans la mise en oeuvre de grands projets industriels nécessitant dépollution et démantèlement

Questions ?

On which land can I install a ground power plant?

The establishment of a ground power plant is possible on degraded or abandoned land. Other criteria will have to be taken into account: compliance with urban planning documents, network connection distance, zoning, topographic criteria etc...

How is solar energy transformed into electricity?

The photovoltaic panel will capture the sun's radiation, which, thanks to its composition, will neutralize the electrons and produce a direct electric current which will then be transformed into alternating current by the inverters for current uses.

What are the elements that make up a photovoltaic power plant?

A photovoltaic power plant is composed of various elements: solar panel tables, a transformer and delivery station, a fire tank, outdoor fences and traffic lanes.

Can I have an eco-grazing activity on my ground power plant?

Subject to the nature and condition of the soil, we can offer co-activities on the site and in particular sheep eco-grazing. Attention, in this case, it is not an agrivoltaics project.