Cultivation shade

The cultivation shade makes it possible to improve the agro-climatic conditions of crops while producing green energy. Partial and rotating shade makes it possible to limit the climatic stresses to which crops are subjected in order to preserve their agronomic potential.

The key points of the solution

Solution adapted to all major crops

Compatibility with jusqu’à 15 mètres de passage

Possibility of integration ofune surface cultivée optimisée

Crop protection répondre aux besoins agro-climatiques des cultures et aux besoins de l’exploitant

Dynamic panels generating a partial and rotating shade that protects crops against climatic hazards (drought, high temperatures, excess light, frost, hail)

Dynamic panels with automatic orientationun revenu sur le long terme à l’exploitant et au propriétaire du terrain

Intelligent control That adapts to cultures

  • Automatic limitation of the height of the panels according to the type of crop and its stage of growth
  • Maximum inclination of the automatic panels in case of heavy rain, to promote homogeneous water flow and limit soil erosion
  • Optimized positioning of panels to facilitate agricultural interventions
  • Positioning of panels according to the agro-climatic needs of crops

The profits

Lower temperatures on the plot and protection against excessive light in summer
Limiting evapoperspiration, water stress and saving water
Reduced risk of spring frost
These actions contribute to improving the potential of agricultural plots.

One irrigation system mainstreamed

To meet the major challenge of controlling water resources in agriculture, we have developed a unique intelligent irrigation system, integrated into our crop shade, which allows farmers to manage water more rationally.

Thanks to the establishment of a remote, wireless control system, composed of probes and sensors to control a large number of parameters, the farmer is in a position to optimize the irrigation of his plot by watering only when necessary, and at the best time. Thus, the water savings achieved thanks to the system could reach 30%.

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Les scores of our demonstrators

-75% of stress days over the entire cycle (Amance, 2022)
An equal or greater number of hours in optimal climate conditions under the canopy for 4 of the 5 indicators taken into account (Amance, 2023)
Up to 25% difference in yield between varieties under the canopy and 19% on the control (Amance, 2022)
No significant difference in yield on Soprana soybeans (Amance, 2022)
-4°C in May - June 2023 (for extreme air temperatures) (Amance, 2022)
-3.5° C at 30 cm depth from the ground from June to mid-August (Amance 2022)

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Questions ?

How are the structures fixed? Is there concrete?

We prefer piled foundations to support our solar panel tables. The metal stakes are driven directly into the ground to the required depth, without the use of concrete.

Can I grow all types of crops under a crop shade?

The crop shade is suitable for low and medium crops under 1m60 in height.

In case of rain, will the entire plot be watered?

So that our panels do not prevent crops from benefiting from the rains, we plan to automatically tilt them as much as possible in case of heavy rain. This will promote a homogeneous flow of water on the plot and limit soil erosion.

What happens in the event of a collision with the posts or panels during an intervention?

TSE and the operator undertake to take out and maintain damage insurance of their choice including a clause for the waiver of reciprocal recourse. In concrete terms, if the operator damages the structure during one of his interventions, TSE insurance will take care of the repairs.

In case of maintenance, is there an impact on my crops?

We plan preventive maintenance operations between two crops, in consultation with the operator. If part of the crop is impacted by a necessary intervention during cultivation, then we will compensate the operator accordingly.

Who maintains the areas under the panels and around the posts?

TSE takes care of maintaining the areas under the panels and around the posts to prevent dirt from developing on the plot.