Innovation at TSE

At TSE, we believe that innovation is a key element in shaping a sustainable and accessible energy future for all. As a player in progress, our Research and Development division, located in Bourgoin Jallieu, allows us to constantly push the existing limits thanks to the commitment of our 25 Doctors and Engineers.

The agricultural canopy made from a pure technological

This technological innovation was entirely designed and developed at the R&D center in Bourgoin-Jallieu. The system is the subject of several French and European patents. The structure, whose system was inspired by cable technology used for equipment such as chair lifts or large suspension bridges, is composed of 5550 solar panels installed on cables more than 5m high. Tracking algorithms have been developed in order to orient the photovoltaic modules according to climatic conditions. Finally, more than 800 meteorological, mechanical and agronomic sensors have been installed on the Amance site to carry out in-depth R&D studies.

The supportive From the European Fund for Innovation

The Brouchy agricultural canopy project has received 2.7 million euros in funding from the European Union Innovation Fund. It is one of the largest investment programs in the world for innovative net-zero emission technologies, and financed by revenues from the EU emissions trading system.

The project plans to avoid the emission of 6,982 tons of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gases during the first ten years of operation, equivalent to more than 32 million kilometers driven by car.

Our participation in Gigafactory HoloSolis

We have joined forces in the construction of the largest European photovoltaic panel factory, which will soon be opened in Sarreguemines, in Moselle.

Led by the Holosolis consortium, the industrial site will contribute to accelerating the energy transition and reducing our dependence on China. The Sarreguemines factory will produce 10 million photovoltaic panels every year. It will start production in 2025 and, at full speed, from 2027, will employ nearly 1,700 employees.

The innovation project FlexEnergy

Our engineers are working on an energy management solution (Energy Management System) that optimizes the management of green electricity produced by our solar power plants combined with battery storage.

This EMS solution will make it possible to collect and analyze data to anticipate the best solutions allowing the reduction of costs and overall energy efficiency of equipment serving the network, an industrial installation, the production of green hydrogen or cogeneration.

The FlexEnergy innovation project won the TASE DEMO APP launched by Ademe for the development of technological building blocks for energy systems.

Management Data

Our innovative approach to data management shapes our operational excellence. Our dedicated division focuses on key areas such as tracking, optimization and prediction, to improve our processes and anticipate future needs.

We are also proud to support the SCIDOSOL university chair at École des Mines, which contributes to supporting the energy transition.