The biodivenergy power plant

On natural land, we design territorial projects that allow the redeployment of biodiversity. The power plant then became a biodiversity sanctuary for nearly 40 years.

The ecological bricks

Committed to biodiversity, we have imagined a solar power plant that promotes the redeployment of biodiversity on the ground, through the implementation of several ecological bricks.
Ecological corridors
Differentiated vegetation management
Reptile cottages
Local plants
Permeable wildlife fencing

The follow-up qualitative and quantitative of biodiversity on the power plant

TSE ensures the development, financing and construction of a solar power plant on your site, which we then make available to you. You have several options:
It characterizes the biodiversity at the global scale of a site.
It is the biodiversity footprint assessment tool of the CDC Biodiversity.
It is a certification for the integration and preservation of biodiversity.

A modular tracker solution and adapted to the preservation of biodiversity

  • A design that leaves more space for ecological management and the development of biodiversity, thanks to the tracker solution coupled with bifacial panels.
  • Partial and rotating shade, beneficial to the resumption of initial vegetation.
  • A homogeneous flow of water in case of rain, limiting soil erosion.
  • Limited impacts on the ground:
    - Very low ground footprint
    - Foundations made of beaten pile
    - Taking into account biodiversity constraints from the construction phase
  • Manufacturing that takes into account the concept of eco-design: Use of low-carbon steel, choice of panel suppliers, use of eco-design software...

Projects of territory

The biodivenergie power plant was designed to be fully integrated into the territory, thus responding to local challenges and needs and bringing together local actors in order to facilitate local acceptability.

Didactic course, environmental experimentation area, landscape reconquest... Each territory is studied precisely by landscape experts. Each solar power plant thus has its own identity.

We also propose to open the project's capital to local participatory financing, in order to make the greatest number of local actors and residents benefit from the economic benefits.

The profits

Value your land
Benefit from long-term rent or sell your property
Boost your image by becoming an actor in the energy transition
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Questions ?

Why does a tracker solution have less ground space than a fixed solution?

This tracker solution allows solar panels and ground piles to be located much further apart than on a conventional ground power plant. The space between each row of panels leaves better room for the development of biodiversity.

Is biodiversity and a photovoltaic power plant possible?

The biodivenergie power plant is a real opportunity to develop a photovoltaic project associated with the reconquest of biodiversity by the installation of ponds, reptile beds, hedges, ecological corridors or even permeable fences for wildlife.