The key points

1596 T

CO2 emissions offset per year

2,9 MWc

total installed power


number of modules

3,235 GWh

production per year


  • Location: Brouchy, Somme
  • SAU of the farm: 450ha
  • Project size: 3ha + 3ha sample
  • Agricultural production: Field crops (Wheat, Faba Bean, Potato, Bean...)
Benoît Bougler, farmer from Brouchy
On the plot, the plants have particularly suffered from thermal and water stress in recent years, with high thermal amplitudes and especially long periods without water which have impacted plant growth and yields, especially in wheat and potatoes. Warming is also progressively and steadily bringing the harvest date forward. So I was looking for solutions to adapt to climate change. Irrigated agrivoltaics is one of the possible answers.
Benoît Bougler, farmer from Brouchy