The key points

1648 T

CO2 emissions offset per year

2,9 MWc

total installed power


number of modules

3,9 GWh

production per year


  • Location: Verdonnet, Côte d'Or
  • SAU of the farm: 648 ha
  • Project size: 3ha + 3ha sample
  • Agricultural production: Organic field crops (Wheat, feverola, barley, etc.)
Jean-François Cortot, farmer from Verdonnet
We took our worst plot to see if we can increase its value, by rent of course, but especially by improving performance I hope. The soil is very light, superficial. We're going to keep our regular rotations. We sowed wheat in October. We plan to follow alfalfa, spring barley and lentils. We will even experiment with sunflowers, which are usually not suitable for this type of soil, to measure the effect of the canopy.
Jean-François Cortot, farmer from Verdonnet