Valorization of your land

The production of green energy on your land makes it possible to valorize all surfaces. From car parks to abandoned land to agricultural plots, TSE offers you tailor-made solutions.

Expert in solar energy, we design photovoltaic power plants adapted to abandoned or degraded land, car parks, roofs or natural land.

Our photovoltaic solutions

We have developed dynamic agrivoltaics solutions that allow the coupling of photovoltaic production and agricultural production, with a synergy between the two systems.

Our agrivoltaic solutions

Solutions agrivoltaiques de TSE
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French and independent photovoltaic expert since 2016


270 employees spread locally on French territory


2.5 GWc under development in France. Objective of 5 GWp by 2025


Experience in the implementation of major industrial projects requiring depollution and dismantling


Connection expertise (HTA, HTB, 225kV own substation)


Know-how in financing industrial projects (PPAs, Third-party investments, subsidies, etc.)