TSE has reached a new milestone! Now a mid-size company (ETI), we have kept our start-up spirit and our commitments to the fight against global warming. We are a company that makes sense, collectively and individually. We strongly believe in the professional development of our employees. We make it a point of honor to promote the development of their skills, supporting them in their professional development while ensuring a healthy balance between professional and personal life.

As players in the energy transition, we encourage our employees to be pioneers in this exciting field. Each member of the team has the opportunity to contribute to innovation in a promising sector where every idea counts and every contribution is valuable. We offer a variety of jobs where you can give meaning to your work and develop your skills in your field of expertise.

We welcome you in a friendly and pleasant working environment where team cohesion is encouraged through various activities. In this environment, respect, conviviality and proximity are the fundamental values that guide our daily interactions.

We are particularly proud to have been certified Great Place to Work for the second year in a row. This recognition reflects our commitment to our employees and our desire to create a work environment where everyone feels valued and fulfilled. At TSE, the pride of belonging to a company that places human and environmental values at the forefront is palpable. It is the very meaning of our job that motivates us every day to pursue our mission with passion and determination.

The key points

14 H

of training per employee in 2023




internal mobility since 2020


Of women in 2023

Little extras Which make a difference

Great Place To Work

TSE is GPTW certified for the 2nd year in a row.


Team buildings, a team seminar and numerous events are organized all year round in our offices!


Vertical, horizontal or geographical mobility makes it possible to promote internal talent and to promote the development of the skills of employees.

Professional life/personal life

A commitment from TSE via a teleworking charter and adapted schedules.


Vacation and co-option bonuses are offered to employees.

A fast-growing company

Several positions are to be filled throughout France.

Journey to

Responsiveness and agility of our processes: A telephone prequalification by the HR department, an interview with the Manager and HR, an interview with the N+2, then a hiring proposal.
A seminar at the head office in Valbonne and a TSE Academy course to understand our jobs and our universe
A training course adapted to develop our employees and give them the means for their success
Monitoring our talents and those in the making through regular interviews with managers and HR
Strong career development prospects and opportunities at the national level.

Découvrir nos métiers

Directrice financements structurés
Chargé d'affaires environnementales
Directeur d'agence
Ingénieur conception et chiffrage

Our job offers

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Our index of professional equality

Each year we publish our professional equality index between women and men.

Through this transparent approach, we are committed to fighting professional disparities and we will continue our actions in order to improve our results over the coming years.

This index gives rise to a score out of 100 points, calculated on the basis of indicators determined according to the size of the company.

IndicatorScore obtainedMaximum grade
Pay gap between women and men3540
Difference in individual increases between women and men2020
Promotion rate gap1515
Employees returning from maternity or adoption leave have been increased1515
Number of employees of the underrepresented sex among the 10 highest paid510